Ease the Tension in Your Jaw

Schedule intraoral massage therapy services in Wenatchee, WA

Do you struggle with jaw tension? Do you get frequent headaches because of tension and pain? Integrated Changes is here to help you in Wenatchee, WA. We offer intraoral massage therapy services for clients dealing with jaw tension. Our therapy techniques are designed to ease headaches, tension, whiplash and jaw pain.

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What do we target with intraoral massages?

To release tension and alleviate pain, our jaw pain massages start further down the body. We'll work out tension in various parts of your body before going into the mouth for maximum effectiveness. We'll massage your:

  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Head
Once the muscles in your shoulders, neck and head have relaxed, we'll begin intraoral massage therapy to release tension in the jaw and mouth. If you have any questions about jaw pain massages, reach out to us today.